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Projects / Consulting

Projects are a very effective implementation tool for the execution of strategy and tactics in market orientated organisations. The Project Management philosophy looks at the scope of what has to be achieved from both technical and sociocultural perspectives to ensure that you have the tools and abilities to ensure your goals are met on time and on budget. Using a Project orientation to carry out strategy has the potential to overcome issues that plague performance in the workplace. These include communication, structure and culture which are proven to be barriers to successful implementation if they are not supportive of your goals. liberated vision can manage projects, help develop project plans, facilitate project planning and implementation or train you and your staff in these areas. We specialise in the use of Microsoft Project and EPM. Contact us for customised training and mentoring in the use of MS Project 2010 & 2013.( software as well as other online tools to support project initiatives. We can guide MAC / Ipad users through Merlin, Xplan or SG Project also.
We like the potential that marketers have to great projects, and spend a lot of time workshopping stakeholders and understanding their needs, We are also heavily influenced by SCRUM project Management techniques ( ). Through our courses you can grow your project knowledge and become a more effective project manager for marketing based projects.

See the upcoming courses that might suit you or contact us directly for a customised offering.

Contact liberated vision for more details.

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