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Marketing to move your business

greentulipsTraining, facilitation and mentoring are all great methods to build longer term competencies into your people and organisation, it helps overcome barriers which impede progress and performance.

liberated vision offers several training options in the areas of marketing and project management. These including generic and customised sessions around strategic and marketing planning, communications and relationship building as well as project management at an individual and enterprise level.


 Learn – up close and personal

Marketing Projects

Marketing Projects

We are Face to Face specialists, while the myriad of online opportunities are good, if you want to make a measurable, immediate impact, get your people together face to face to solve problems, realise opportunities and ultimately connect the dots faster. Liberated Vision will customise courses to your specific strategic needs and integrate activities, models, templates to give your training the best possible context and potential for success, Great for inductions, organisational change and awareness of how marketers can work with a variety of stakeholders. Always groups of 6 to 14 for maximum impact.

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People are a critical differentiator

People are a critical differentiator

We give your Strategy, Marketing, Communications & Projects context with people.

At liberated vision we can help you generate ideas, strategise and implement, or we can train, facilitate and mentor your team to achieve more with customers which will help your organisation achieve its vision.
We consult with you to ensure that orgnisational strategy is reflected in the workshops and that each session is driven towards outcomes that move your business forward.

About us

tulips netliberated vision is a consultancy solving marketing challenges for organisations wanting to engage customers. Customers live and breath in their own worlds so understanding how your products/services and brand interact with that world is crucial.
Successful marketing requires you to stay abreast of the consumer (business or individual) so your organisation can meet its goals and offer value through your products and services and have meaningful conversations seeking specific actions through your marketing communications.

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