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Marketing is a cool concept to me – its impacted my work and personal ideas and I find it a great platform to discuss, develop and solve issues at many levels. Certainly if your organisation is marketing orientated or centric you organisation/ business has the best change of really firing as everyone and diverse stakeholders work together to achieve so much more than a bunch of individuals !

Yes its all about the customer / stakeholder but its also about realising your goals and finding the right customers or stakeholders that will allow you to do that – hence the chronic problem of anyone using the words mass and marketing in the same sentence, hence to lack of applicability of mass media unless very carefully targeted and hence the danger of short term focus around transactions rather than relationships and journeys and brand story etc.

Marketing is an opportunity to get your people working together (way beyond the marketing department), learning about and understanding customers who you can really make a difference for, working with technology and creativity/innovation to differentiate, giving the organisation reason and momentum to perform and attracting great people to to complete the cycle. Motivated, happy people solve difficult problems, develop cool solutions and are quick learners – what you need in our current crazy fast moving environments.

My posts are going to be about different things I see as interesting and emerging in this space which includes Strategy, Communications and Project Management of Marketing type issues – campaigns, new product/service and events. They will also feature bits and pieces of theory that are great platforms for checking your direction and for testing options in a world that would rather you didn’t!

Thanks Andrew

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