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Short Courses to move you forward

Marketers making good decisions

Marketers making good decisions

Its a massively fast moving world with stuff changing everyday, what was hot yesterday is now so “2000 and late”. The courses we are offering in 2015 are not about whats hot or whats not and they are not lists of 10 things to do tomorrow or even one word the best describes a concept !

Our courses will give you a set of underpinning skills and confidence to improve your decision making when confronted with new opportunities that inevitably bang on your door or inbox. Our models and core understandings give you a strategic tool box to focus on your targeted customers and stakeholders while keeping a strong focus on what outcomes your organisation needs. Once you are strong on that, you can get to work on the right communications, distribution decisions, value offers and customer journeys.

Yes, do some specialist courses then or out source to experts in these fast moving spaces but keep and eye on what you are doing and why its going to work for you !

Our first Sydney and Melbourne courses are on soon  Рcheck these links for details or for all our courses click here Р2015 courses for smarter marketers 

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